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Welcome to "Town Hall" where voting takes place to accept new members and expel existing members. To vote, click through on a user name to read the user's profile. In the case of new members, their filled out user profile is their "application" to join the community. New applicants as of 1/15/2003 have paid an application fee of $75.00, new applicants as of 2/9/2004 have paid an application fee of $125.00, and as of 9/3/2003 have completed a Prospective Member Period.

Motions to accept new members or expel existing members last for a period of up to five days. As of 9/15/2003, you can change your vote up until the end of the 5-day voting period. As of 1/22/2004, motions may last beyond the five day period until a quorum of 35% of members have voted. The system will end a motion early if such a high number of members cast the same vote as to make the outcome a certainty. The system checks motions each morning at 8:00 AM, and the system operator may also end a motion at any time. All votes are cast by "secret ballot" and the number of votes "for" and "against" are not displayed. If a motion is still active at the end of the five day voting period, the system tallies votes and decides motions to accept by simple majority and motions to expel by 2/3 majority. Click here to read more about why we set up the Town Hall.

Motions to accept new members are made automatically by the system, while motions to expel existing members can be made by clicking through on a user's profile, and clicking the link "make a motion to expel ___" -- two other members must make the same motion before it is put to a vote, and once the motion has been put to a vote your user name will be displayed next to the reasons you list for making (or seconding) the motion.

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